Live with Kelly and Jarryd

“This familiar feeling radiates throughout my body but I feel it most in my core.  It’s desire! Forget my summer shows, fixation on the future and fanciful crushes, this sensation matters most. Determination and vision seem to be key in this moment.” My thoughts earlier this week


Too often we think to ourselves, at least I do, “Ohh what a fun idea, but that’s too crazy!” What could we do if we just ran with an idea. If we just said, “Let’s do it! Let’s go for it and give it all we got! At least we’ll have fun doing it.”

I work with some amazing ladies. Women who cheered for me, coached me and even modeled for me when I decided to apply to be Kelly Ripa’s co-host for a day on Live with Kelly! I saw on Facebook when the competition started and thought what a good opportunity it would be. But having the courage to really think that it’s an attainable possibility is what made all the difference.

I asked two ladies in our PR department with broadcast experience to be my directors and basically full technical support team. They were glad to do it! They ran with it and took time our of their days to help me. I felt like true talent on a set!To Ivette Marques Faulkner and Jill Chandler, I will be eternally grateful for y’all’s support and efforts in this opportunity! To the ladies of Zimmerman, yes, that includes you brunettes, y’all are the best! Where else could I find smart, beautiful women ready to help me in this endeavour whatever way needed?! To Carrie Zimmerman, thank you for allowing me to use the office as a set and your chair as my throne among the bomb shell blondes! You’re the ultimate brunette in our lives!

Follow me on my journey as I apply to be Kelly Ripa’s co-host! The online gallery of semi-finalist goes up July 3!


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