That Awkward Moment When. . .

It’s going to happen as a gay person. By accident you’re going to hit on or ask someone out that isn’t your sexuality.

In your defense, they were being flirty with you too. For those lovers of the cancelled show Greek, it’s just like when the only gay lead character, Calvin, makes a move on the guy from the gym he was hanging out with. The guy quickly stops the advancement but a day later tt turns out the guy not only knew he was gay but wanted the compliment since his girlfriend and him broke up.

For those guys who come off a gay, and especially the ones who seem too friendly towards us gay guys, I have a label for you – awkwardly straight! Urban dictionary agreed with me that there was a need to make others aware of this phrase. Earlier this year they accepted my submission:

awkwardly straight
straight guy that comes off gay even though he is straight.
1.) He was a total cutie! I thought he might be gay but then I realized he is awkwardly straight.”
2.) I thought we were flirting, then his girlfriend came over. He is awkwardly straight.

I’ve experienced these guys many times. You will be off your guard. He will engage you in conversation and seem very interested in you. Maybe there will be an innuendo. Maybe not. Your friends will eye you from across the room with a knowing look and then you have to immediately stop that look and shake your head with a big NO! He might interested in knowing all about you, but he is not interested in getting your number at the end of the conversation.

Fellow gay men, the next time a guy seems be flirting with you but he isn’t gay, throw on the label of awkwardly straight and call it a day. Sadly he was never yours to have.


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