Friday Flirt – From a Guy Who Doesn’t

1.) First acknowledge this isn’t your strong point but be optimistic. This will take commitment but you’re up for the challenge!”
2.) Find someone attractive you want to pursue. Not knowing them well makes the chase better and more
2A) Also, talk yourself up mentally! No one likes someone who can’t take a look in the mirror and think every so often, “Wow, I look fantastic today! And it’s not just the clothes!”
3.) Invite him/her to something you will be at or have a mutual friend do it for you. If you do it though, this is your chance to lay groundwork. I chose a party where you had to dress up. With the right play on words, you can hint at flirting while leaving it also vague.
4.) “Be boss!” My friend taught me that phrase. It means keep control of the situation. Basically don’t turn into that frantic psycho we all have the tendency of becoming. “I know I already sent him a text 20 minutes ago but I’ll send one more!! He will suddenly be free or interested!” It’s not whether
he/she likes you but about whether you like him/her. Can they keep up with you?
5.) The object of your attention needs to play along! Flirting isn’t really effective if it’s only one-sided. Hope they’re playing this game of ping-pong with you.
6.) Be yourself, but still classy. Let’s not demean ourselves into something we’re not.
7.) Be aloof but don’t play games but it’s a game. Be witty and genuine but don’t give all yourself! Very true with texting “That’s a story for next time we hang out ;)” instead of “well let me tell you about it! When it all began with three months ago … then the next day…. and well let me skip back…”
8.) No one ever complains of someone they find attractive texting them too much. But don’t text them too much. Your life doesn’t revolve around this new opportunity. Dont lose yourself.
9.) Give second chances. Sometimes someone cancels for good reason. It’s not a sign that they’re a
horrible person.
10.) Dont be scarred by the past. One person standing you up or not feeling the same way does not mean they all will.
11.) Text him. He doesn’t text back. Be hopeful he will one day be the one pursuing you. Decide you gave it a couple of tries and start this over with someone new. But hopefully this time you’re at step 2 already.


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