Freshman Turned PR Boy

I don’t recognize the PR boy I am today. Two years ago I probably had the same basic skills I have today, but now I actually have experience under my belt. As a freshman I remember how impressive the seniors were. The ones who seemed to have and know it all. The ones who seemed to be a hustler by day and rockstar by night, only to get up the next day and rock the world all over again. Maybe I’m on my path into being one of those impressive seniors, but I don’t think I’ll ever feel like that. Those seniors were special – golden – and I’ve learned a few lessons on what made them amazing.

1.) “Working that 9-5” – Many like to have the mindset work starts and ends when we scheduled. No more. The PR world doesn’t work like that and no company, agency or person wants to work with someone who isn’t flexible. PR boys and girls are the ones who are emailing, tweeting, and liking that FB post for their client outside of their normally scheduled hours. We’re staying that extra hour knowing it will help make a difference. This works and impresses people in your student organizations, internships and jobs. It’s as simple as waiting for class to start, checking your email and replying, “I will do this as soon as I get in tomorrow.”

2.) One-on-One Time – What I love about PR people is that we understand each other, but we’re very diverse. Find someone you like and run ideas past them. People inherently want to help others and love when someone wants to know their opinion. I definitely have the people I run to when I’m feeling lost or unsure and they can do the same. One day my friend asked me what I thought about her flyer. I said it could be better. But we love and respect each other for that honesty. We also know each other’s abilities, won’t judge each other for any insecurities and want the best for me. Find someone you respect, get to know them little by little (even a “What did you do this weekend?”) and ask for their advice.

3.) Be a Pirate – From work I’ve started to love idea that everyone needs to be a pirate! Be a pirate in whatever you want! Be smart, aggressive and strive! Supervisors and those around you love to see someone who determined to make things happen, even if it seems trivial. If your supervisor needs something immediately faxed over, be firm but nice with the person on the phone. Don’t let them walk over you. You applied to that internship a week ago and still haven’t heard anything back? Send a follow-up email/call them. It’s all about a pirate mentality.

4.) Your Heart, Your Brand – Most accomplishments don’t completely come down to your skills, but who you are as a person. This is true in PR. Your genuine, shining personality can land you that internship. Those around you will want to help and see you excel based off who you are as person. People want to work with you based off who you are. As Oprah says, “My heart is my brand.” Be confident but not cocky in your brand.

5.) Embrace the Unknown – Enjoy each day and what it brings. As PR boys and girls we have to be proactive but can’t lose the beauty of the day-to-day. I graduate spring 2014 – there is no way for me to plan what happens when graduate. I work hard, have fun and know that in the end, things will be blessed. Embrace the unknown of what will happen. It makes everything more fun.

Let’s shine bright like a diamond!

Extra lesson – Be smart and use common sense. If you know you’re going to be wild for your friend’s birthday, ask off work in advance. Don’t call in sick with the latest 24 hour flu the next morning unless you plan on staying out of every photo, tag and post exposing your activities. One day you won’t be able to ask off work whenever you want, so take advantage of it now. But still be respectful.


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