Bold First Moves

Bold First MovesWe all have unique approaches to our dating lives. Personally, I’m a fan of laying feelings out on the table early on if you feel a connection or the potential. Hopefully, there has been some mystery, intrigue and flirtation, but once I know that interest is reciprocated, things go up a level. My friends and any guy I’ve ever pursued will tell you I’m bold about making my interest known. However, in recognition of the creative, romantic and slightly questionable for Valentine’s Day, I racked my brain and those of others to see, “What’s the boldest thing you’ve ever done to get someone’s attention or someone to get yours?” Successes and failures follow.

  1. Leave your number on a receipt. I did it. My friends did it. My friends did it for other friends. Whenever you want to have some fun, but not take the situation too seriously, write your number on a receipt and give it to the special someone. If you’re feeling bold but nervous, have your friends write it for you and possibly deliver it. The great thing is at the end of the night, it’s out of your hands, and it was great entertainment. If it pays off, all it required was a little ink.
  2. One of my friends, author of  The Girl with the Bun, rides a scooter. While walking into Publix one day, a guy with friends yells, “Kim Kardashian’s in the house.” She ignores, so he repeats, “ Kim KarDASHIAN’s in the house!” She looks over and keeps walking. She did not look like Kim Kardashian. Cat calling doesn’t make a great first impression. . . Yelling “Ey baby girl,” to a girl on a scooter won’t win you points either.
  3. In your initial approach, it’s great the less aggressive you come off as. Once while at a networking event my PR mentor thought the bartender was cute. While she was a few feet away I started asking him about his life, how long he worked there, and school. When I found a window in conversation, I called her into the conversation and mentioned what he last told me.  As she took the lead with the conversation, I stayed for another minute and then excused myself. At the end of the night, numbers were exchanged and dates followed. Use your friends to buffer things for you.
  4. While out a bar one of my coworkers talked with friends. She didn’t look at the guy trying to get her attention, so he did back flips in the bar to get her attention. Back flips. Then he walked over and talked with her. They dated for a few months in the end, because of his bold move. However, she did add he “was really hot.” Tailor your approach to your best assets.
  5. “I just s#it my pants. Can I have a nurse?” Obviously, this didn’t work, and we all know why.

Bold first moves aren’t necessarily about grandiose actions, but being casual, fun, and confident and thinking about what you’re going to say. It’s all in your control.

Stay tuned for Bold First Dates. Until then, add a touch of bold. You’ll never regret it.


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