Newly Bold

Last week a person I recently blogged about approached me unhappy with how they feel Iportrayed them but also wanted to talk about the situation. After a one hour conversation with them on top of a long day where I wasn’t happy with a lot of thing, I was left emotional questioning myself and maturity. I questioned if I should be blogging about these situations. Am I portraying the situations poorly?

We were interrupted just when my maturity was questioned. I wondered if they were right. Am I a baby when it comes to things? . . .  No, I quickly refuted internally, because I’ve always considered myself mature.

I tried explaining what I meant in the blog post. The conversation seemed like the endless game of back and forth. Who would be right about it all in the end? I yelled my point. It was obvious we both felt like victims in certain ways. But they made it clear they thought I was the one in the wrong. But maybe that’s an inaccurate portrayal. Too harsh sounding. . .

I walked into my place frustrated this conversation happened. So much could have been prevented if we would’ve talked a while ago.

I contemplated whether blogging about that and other personal situations was ever the right thing to do.

I felt done – never wanting a conversation like this to ever happen again.

I try to tell stories and share experiences in the most honest, raw way possible, while not violating the person’s complete privacy. I
blog to share experiences and inspire others and that means putting situations out there. I’m a touch of bold.

To the person who approached me about the blog post, maybe you were right with a couple of things. I’m inexperienced in so many ways. That’s what keeps life fun I realized a couple of days later. If I was so mature through experiences in all facets of my life, what would there be left to learn and experience. The friends and romantic interests I invite to be a part of the experiences like and I appreciate me for where I am in life. I’m pretty great just where I am in life. I am enough.


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I'm Jarryd. When we add a touch of bold to our story, we transform into the person we're meant to be and open doors to opportunities.

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