Timeless Date!

ValentineThis past Valentine’s Day, I wasn’t sad about not having a Valentine, but at the fact I couldn’t be creative for someone. I love surprises and being able to come up with ideas. Valentine’s Day may be gone, but a great date idea is timeless. Along with asking my friends about Bold First Moves, I also asked them about great bold dates. Romantic movies have them and my friends’ stories below will prove it – Picnics are the perfect timeless date.

Whether indoors or outdoors, anyone can add their own touch of bold to a picnic. They can be disguised as normal one-on-one time, but then you surprise them. Or they can truly be spontaneous by picking up a few random items from the store and a blanket.  This school year I actually invited a guy to have pie with me while enjoying the beautiful weather that day. In the confusion of trying to be flirty while inviting him, he turned me down. As we talked about it, I ended up having to flat-out ask him, “Is this about the pie or me?” It turns out it was about the pie. In the end you have to know what the person likes.

Picnics were some of my friends’ best date memories. The key to the picnic is making it personal without crossing a line if you’re just starting out.

One of my friends was suppose to have an outdoor picnic with a guy she was seeing. The weather ended up being horrible, so she thought it wasn’t going to happen. When she goes to his place, he had turned his room into an outdoor picnic with fake trees, a green blanket, and a whole scene created inside. It was a great surprise, and he had attention to detail.

Another friend while high school dating in high school. He took her to this hidden grove around sunset time, and there was a date set-up. The best part was he found a recipe for homemade fortune cookies and each one said, “Will you be my girlfriend?” We made not be formally asking that often after high school, but it can be adapted.

One of my favorite friend dates to this day is when we sneaked in fried rice and lo mein to the movie Blue Valentine. The movie theater wasn’t crowded, the seats were comfy, and it felt like we were having a picnic with a movie at home.

I won’t use the same pie picnic idea and one of my friends used it for their relationship, but I can come up with other picnic ideas and be inspired by my surroundings.

It’s simply about adding that bold, special touch to whatever picnic idea I come up with.


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