It Takes Two

There was a time where The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise swept me in. On Ben’s season Kacie B won my heart, and I so desperately wanted this Southern girl from Tennessee to win. When she was sent home my heart broke for her as she cried to the camera saying, “I was stupid. Why am I not good enough like I don’t get it? This is why I don’t love.” This came to my mind as I discussed with a friend when a guy tells you I’m not looking for anything or to date right now. What that really means is, “I’m not looking for anything with you!”

If someone really likes you enough, they want to date you, not be friends with you. They think you’re special and really worth something. They see you as romantically valuable. It’s like if you go to a restaurant and skip over an item. Sure you liked it, but it didn’t look much better than everything else on the menu. When you really think something is great, you want it to be yours!

Don’t take it personally. We can’t be fully attracted and compatible with everyone. That’s life. That’s romance. But do not spend your time thinking someone will come around, if you’re patient enough or do this one little thing. Too often we wait around and keep hope in someone who won’t change their mind.

You deserve someone you think is special and finds you special in return. “It takes two people to love.”

They weren’t that cute anyway.


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