You Believed

We want to believe that if we believe in people, if we believe in ourselves, life rewards us. But the honest to goodness truth is you’re left sometimes feeling like an outsider on your own life and desires.

Desire sometimes leaves you heartbroken. If you believe in believing one more time, this can be the time. This will be the time you are rewarded. Until you find out this isn’t the time you will be rewarded. You need to wait. But as you wait, your heart and mind becomes jaded, because keeping hope alive is difficult. Believing one more time is difficult. Except eventually we do believe again. And we get let down again. And you realize, desire leaves you heartbroken.

You believed, and you go back to that place. That place of feeling foolish – of embarrassment for believing one more time. You trusted and put yourself out there for others or another to judge or criticize or prove themselves. You got let down. You got a punch in the gut and a slap in the face, because you believed this is the time.

How do we keep believing? How do we keep enduring let downs when we had faith? We knew this time would be different, but it wasn’t.

So we feel jaded and withdrawn. Until we don’t. Until we believe again.


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