The Nerves Set In

Working at a company for two years now, it’s easy to forget lessons I’ve learned throughout college. Lessons that keep me bold and ambitious. This summer I have new opportunities and projects to work on. Excitement fills me; I want to skip down the hall as I head back to my computer. When I sit at my computer with my notes in front of me, the assignments set in. I’m mentally taken aback at the mountain of tasks ahead of me. I feel the pressure to be strategic and smart and leave no room for errors or silly corrections.

These are the moments where my nerves set in, and the pressure to excel is real. I only want to ask the right questions, balance being self-sufficient vs. resourceful with the people around me and in the end deliver distinct results.

One of my favorite professional quotes from Downton Abbey is: “I must strive to be worthy of the task I’ve been set.” While this is true in many cases, what I realize this week is I must be grateful for the task I’ve been given, but I’m worthy. I worked hard, showed interest and the opportunity is the reward. I still have results to deliver and expectations to meet, but I’m worthy of the opportunity.

Like everyone else around me, I want to know I did an amazing job far beyond the expectations. I want to avoid any conversations where I’m corrected of what is a rooky mistake. I simply want to do my best from start to end.

When the tasks set it, I take a second to feel those nerves and put my feet to the ground. Excellence is ahead.


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