That Moment When…

We’ve all be in there in dating when we can’t believe certain things are happening. Someone was horribly bold enough to say and do something towards us. . . or we did something to someone. You stop in your tracks and ask, “Is this is really happening?”

Below are 10 “that moment when” situations my friends or I experienced.

1.) That moment when… the last guy you openly crushed on sends you a snapchat of his new boyfriend and him at your favorite place you took him to.

2.) That moment when… the girl you’re dating says bye to you at the bar and proceeds to go home with her ex.

3.) That moment when… a guy begs to go to a special event with you, and you notice he left 25 minutes into the event without telling you.

4.) That moment when… you make out with a girl in front of the girl you’re hanging out with lately.

5.) That moment when… you make a birthday cd of special songs you and a guy bond over, and two days later he breaks up with you in front of your sorority house.

6.) That moment when… the first guy you ever randomly made out with tells you he also made out someone else that night.

7.) That moment when… the girl you’re going out with asks your roommate on a date instead of you.

8.) That moment when… the guy who rejected you very recently chats you up on Grindr.

9.) That moment when… your classmate creepily Facebook messages your roommate asking why you don’t like him.

10.) That moment when… you offer to name your first born after a best friend if she makes marriage to your Instacrush happen. I admit this is me. Here’s looking at you @juancherangel. I have no shame in my crush on you. Affirming things works, right? If not, here is a “that moment when” experience for you.


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