Flirty Friday 6/7/13

Flirty Friday” – weekly Friday dating and relationship inspiration as you head into the weekend.

We’re going to be out on the town, meet someone and exchange numbers.

Those first few texts are difficult, because you don’t want to come off really crazy or too intense. But let’s face it – who you are is who you are, and this person has to be okay with that.

Keep it simple and interesting but engaging. No ones likes to text someone a question only to have them reply with an apathetic answer.

additionally, when you overthink things or listen too much to the opinions of others is when you mess things up. Now go get ’em tiger!

Add a touch of bold. You’ll never regret it.


I hope you enjoyed this post! Feel free to be bold and comment, tweet me (@ATouchofBold) or follow me on Instagram (ATouchofBold).



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