Bad Boys

It was Friday night, and I was out with friends. My phone vibrated, and I looked to see who texted. I already deleted his number but not the previous text conversations, so I knew who it was. He asked where I was, and I told him. I encouraged him to come out. As this goes on I begin to ask myself, “Whoah, what are you doing? This isn’t okay.”

Oh how easily we ignore the past.Library Studying

We love to look at them and are too willing to forgive them. They come into our lives as tests and lessons. Sometimes we have to take that test a couple of times to learn the lessons. They are the bad boys of past, present and past turned present again, who mean us no good.

Bad boys come in a variety of models. There are the blatant, overt ones who do what they want all the time and make no apologies. Others don’t mean you harm, but are caught up in their own priorities. They’re living life and enjoying it. However, you can easily become leftover rubble in the wake of their storms. The ones I meet are the ones who seem to have good intentions and show good face, but prove time and time again, they only live for themselves. What is the difference between this one and the aforementioned? This bad boy is aware of what they do and kind of don’t care. They’ll make you feel like you know them. They’ll make you trust them. Yet that trust is easily broken when it feels most stable.

We have to stop these bad boys in their tracks.

How do we do this? Expect more from them. As I quoted Olivia Pope in Flirty Friday 5/3/13, “If you want me, earn me!” If you want to be my friend, then be a good friend. While not applicable for me in the above situation, if you like this person, they’ll show you they want to date you.

Don’t sign yourself up to take a test again. No one feels like studying the same materials twice, even if the cover looks different.


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