One More Round

Trevor Noah says, “One of the best things I ever learned was boxing. My trainer kept drilling into me: ‘Understand that I’m going to hit you in the face. You can’t get angry about it because then you’ll stop thinking rationally. I’m not trying to hurt you; I’m trying to win.’ It’s a fantastic mindContinue reading “One More Round”

Bad Boys

It was Friday night, and I was out with friends. My phone vibrated, and I looked to see who texted. I already deleted his number but not the previous text conversations, so I knew who it was. He asked where I was, and I told him. I encouraged him to come out. As this goesContinue reading “Bad Boys”

Flirty Friday 3/29/13

“Flirty Friday” – weekly Friday dating and relationship inspiration as you head into the weekend. “Whatever happened to you, whoever happened to you, already happened. It’s done. So maybe I can help you start fresh. Maybe I’m your do-over, because you deserve a do-over.” A do-over can be right around the corner. Add a touchContinue reading “Flirty Friday 3/29/13”

Flirty Friday 1/18/13

“Flirty Friday” – weekly Friday dating and relationship quotes as you head into the weekend. “If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, but you have to try. Because if you try, if you leap, and you try, and it doesn’t work, it’s not on you.” – Scandal‘s Olivia Pope Be bold going into the weekendContinue reading “Flirty Friday 1/18/13”