Flirty Friday Date Inspiration: Six Goodies

My luck of actually going on dates throughout college has been sparse the past three years, but I love to try new places by myself or with friends. This has been great for my Tally friends who needed date idea inspiration outside of the typical, but don’t want to be too creative just yet! Here are six Tallahassee goodies that are local, but similar places should be easy to find.


While the restaurant 101 is like the hot, popular person everyone knows of and gives their attention to, many time it can’t give you the time of day when you want to. Right next to it is its neighbor, Harry’s Seafood Bar and Grill – still hot, more intimate and dependable. The ambiance especially at sunset and night is great for a date when you’re looking to enjoy great conversation and food with someone.

While I haven’t been to Alchemy yet, it’s on my list! Personally as a lover of Chicago the musical and the Roaring 20’s, this Speakeasy setting appeals to me and is still trendy thanks to Great Gatsby this year! People enjoy a chance to dress up to a theme, especially if it isn’t high maintenance. Whenever you can impress a date with socially trendy places, take advantage of it!

Sweet Treats

I adore any setting that hints to old American times, and Lofty Pursuits embraces the times of soda fountains and floats along with an array of sundaes. I discovered it through my future roommates, and have added it to my list of sweet treats. Plus there are great games and activities to buy as a follow-up activity.

BES SignMy friend took me to Big Easy Snowballs freshman year after rock climbing, and it’s still a favorite! The owners, Brenda and John, are New Orleans natives who definitely exude southern hospitality. Snowballs are like snowcones, but they’re made from shaved ice.  Shaved ice holds the flavor so much better and has a great consistency. With a wide-range of flavors, no matter his/her taste buds, they will enjoy this treat and the service. Additionally, you can sample as many flavors as you want, before settling on one. Plus it’s right on Lake Ella, so you can walk around the lake, lay out a blanket or even run together beforehand.

Blueberry PickingOutdoor Turns Indoor

Blueberry picking is a great summer activity! With the short drive to Wacissa and back, you have a great chance to talk with the person and picking your own blueberries is actually cheaper than buying them at a store. After picking the blueberries, your date and you can do as my friends and I did – have breakfast for dinner with homemade blueberry pancakes and maybe even bake muffins for later. This is a great out of the ordinary group date too and makes gas cheaper!

Childhood Flashback

If your date and you enjoy experiencing activities that make you think of your childhood, Fun Station‘s arcade games, mini-golf, laser tag, and go-karting will provide that. Mini-golf alone is a great chance to be lightly competitive and converse. The loser can pay for drinks after!

What’s your favorite date activity?


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