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We all want to stay on top of the latest news and best or easiest places to go. However, when it comes to phone apps and email subscriptions, keeping things minimal makes life less cluttered. Below are some of my current must haves phone apps and email subscription each day.

theSkimm is a once a morning email each weekday that provides the latest news. They read the news, and we Skimm it by reading the topline latest updates. Whether it’s ISIS and Russia or the NFL and Joan Rivers, this keeps me on top of what are the hot news topics and trends as I commute to work – without my news being biased. Check out a recent Skimm here. Note they hyperlink each abbreviated story, so you can learn more. I admit I would have a full idea of international issues if it wasn’t for this upgrade to my life.

Scoutmob : The Scoutmob app provides users with daily deals based on what’s nearby their current location. Additionally, we can see what places we haven’t experienced and neighborhoods to explore. There are numerous great places to eat, shop, play and pamper yourself, but I have to say again, eat! Treat yourself or enjoy an affordable meal with friends. Also, “stash” deals for later.

Skimm, Scout, Look AroundAroundMe is a fantastic app I immediately download if I get a new phone. If I need to find a place nearby whether it is a coffee shop, bar, ATM, supermarket or hospital, the app can help. This is way better than Google is you’re looking for a place proximity based. In the last year I’ve changed my grooming routines, which includes back waxing. The AroundMe app helped me find a great place close to my home  in time for a pool party this summer and connected me to their website, directions and phone number, tips and more.

Skimm, look around and scout easily on your phone.


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