#NowListening: New Albums from Johnnyswim & Rebecca Ferguson

I love listening to great music, especially when you can hear the singer’s pure voice shining through with the beat supporting the vibe and the lyrics. I love to bop along with each word and just be transported to the emotions the singer is feeling. Today we have been blessed with official release of two new albums I’ve been waiting for that exemplify what I love about music: Georgica Pond by Johnnyswim and Superwoman by Rebecca Ferguson!

Johnnyswim is this singing duo (Amanda Sudano and Abner Ramirez) that is also a couple with an adorable son! I first heard them when they were recording and performing at a NYC music venue, Rockwood Music Hall, where I was watching a friend perform. I ran home and found them on Spotify later, because they had this amazing, authentic energy I saw shining through on a TV screen.

I first learned of Rebecca Ferguson when I was watching Being Mary Jane, and the show played one of her songs, “I Hope,” during an episode. The lyrics spoke to me to the point where I had to go Google who sang the song, and I found out she is a British singer that made a lot of progress into the music industry after being a runner-up on the X Factor.

They’ve both been on my radar ever since. Enjoy the soul of both of their albums!

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