#NowListening: Starboy by The Weeknd

I’m not a music aficionado, but I believe that on a simple level, all a good album requires is unique beats that catch your attention and some lyrics that feel true to others in some way, even if aspirational. I woke up this past Friday morning in Boston after a long Thanksgiving day  and realized that The Weeknd dropped his Starboy album overnight. I haven’t been a huge fan of The Weeknd but his promo songs ahead of the album release caught my attention.

I love an album drop, because if it’s good, I know it’s what I’m going to be listening to on my way from work, headed to happy hour and when I need to get in the zone at work.

Starboy rises to the occasion with some dance hits, numerous songs to vibe along with and beats that send me into an emotion driven trance. I’ve clicked the Spotify download button for my music library, and you should too. Did I mention that Kendrick Lamar, Future, Daft Punk and Lana Del Ray are on the album?


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