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Couples who brave long NYC commutes for love

By Alyssa Pry   Special to January 30, 2017

Dating is hard enough in New York City. Finding a partner can be an epic game of swiping and scrolling, hoping for the right-swipe or spontaneous run-in that will save you from awkward bar talk.

But once you’ve found a match, there’s still the obstacle course of “only in New York” challenges to conquer. For these four couples, that means dating “long-distance” within their own city — living in neighborhoods so far from each other, they spend an hour or more in transit.

Between loading up on books and podcasts to pass the time, to deciding to skip the commute once and for all and move in together, to even getting engaged, these couples are proving that when it comes to love in New York City, you can never go too far.


Jarryd and Greg: Bushwick to the Bronx

Jarryd Boyd, 24, and Greg Lewis, 23, met on Tinder and commute between Boyd’s apartment in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and Lewis’ place in the Bronx. The trip takes over an hour when the trains run smoothly …. which means patience plays a big role.

“We both have to be patient, especially when we have to deal with slower service. It comes down to, do you want to hold a grudge about a bad commute or let it go?” they agreed.

Scheduling equal time between neighborhoods has also become a way to stay involved in each other’s daily lives. “We’ll overview our weeks and figure out when we’re both free,” Boyd said. “You’re more invested in what the other person is doing during their week, instead of just getting a recap of what’s going on in their life at the end of the day.”

Boyd’s advice for making a long-distance relationship work in New York? Patience, and a good overnight bag. “My coworkers sometimes know when I’m staying the night at Greg’s based on the size of the bag,” he said. “If you’re dating someone who lives in a different borough, it takes patience and a solid physical, mental and/or emotional attraction to make things work out at first.”

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