Saying Goodbye to My First NY PR Job

IMG_20160331_190248Many people ask me why I left the top global public relations agency I worked at for two years. The answer isn’t simple, but it begins with the fact that I came to New York for the life-changing opportunity to have one of the world’s most well-known companies as my client. Moving to New York made sense for numerous personal reasons, but from a professional standpoint, I knew the client would change my life.

Having a well-known company as my client made me a part of this experience that shaped culture. On many nights I went to sleep knowing that my client was announcing news the next morning that would be a hot online topic of the day. The next day would come, and I would enjoy people seeing my work as they scrolled through their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds, in addition to being featured on their favorite news outlet. It was amazing for me – this media relations nerd at heart.

But this great sensation came with lots of sacrifices. I was working at the top global agency, but supporting other people’s dreams, goals and expectations in an unhealthy way. I cared a lot – maybe too much – about doing amazing work, and I sacrificed some of my mental, emotional and physical health, as well as personal time. I would hang out with friends and complain about my day or be easily irritated by the smallest annoyance from a teammate. My internal light was dimming, and I was becoming jaded in numerous ways.

I could have stopped working on this client, but the odd truth is: I couldn’t imagine being at the agency without working on that client. I learned so much, laughed often, fostered countless friendships, accomplished a lot and eventually, dreamed for something beyond what I was receiving from my current environment.

While there wasn’t one big realization that made me want to leave, I loved the experience “enough to know when it’s time to say goodbye.” I came to New York with a goal in mind, and I accomplished that goal.


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