Your Job Hunt…in Lauren Conrad Gifs

Hunting for a job, especially during post-graduation, can be difficult. However, Lauren Conrad understands the struggle. When you realize it’s time to start your job search and update all your documents When someone emails you back about a job opportunity When you get an email for an interview When waiting for a Skype interview to startContinue reading “Your Job Hunt…in Lauren Conrad Gifs”

For the Strivers! (And The Hills Fans)

Last month I received the opportunity of a PR guy and girl’s college career – to fly very last-minute to NYC and help a supervisor with a project. We’d both fly back in less than 24 hours from that call. For The Hills fans, it was a moment we thought only existed for Lauren ConradContinue reading “For the Strivers! (And The Hills Fans)”

Flirty Friday 1/11/13

Introducing “Flirty Friday” – weekly Friday dating and relationship quotes as you head into the weekend. “No one has had the best relationships in the past, that’s why they end. If you really want to be with someone, it should be someone you really like. Someone you’re really proud to be with and you shouldContinue reading “Flirty Friday 1/11/13”

A Glance Back: 2011

At this time last year I was at a turning point for my life. I was still coming out to friends and had come out to my mom that month. I was looking forward to applying and hopefully being in the FSU public relations program in two months. I would have a new roommate, andContinue reading “A Glance Back: 2011”