Your Best Relationship

At the end of the day, what we all want it to be love and be loved by our friends, our family, and a special someone. However, the best relationship we have to keep up over time is our relationship with ourselves. If we aren’t happy with who we are, then others can’t be happy with who we are either.
As I am one year older and then four months into the year that I said would be my year and “ain’t nothing going to bring me down”, I try to keep this upbeat outlook on life. I put myself out there and the problem is, the higher the risk I take, the higher the place I can fall from. Except as I put myself out there more and more, if I do fall, it won’t hurt me as much. I pursued that opportunity whether it be a potential job/office, friendship, or date. But when the risk pays off, it feels amazing to know you made this good thing happen.
Friends are good way to think out and reflect on situations but they can’t give us all the answers or make everything happen for us. I struggle with not getting advice from many friends. I love to share what’s going on with them on life; nevertheless, the more people you ask for advice, the more voices you have in your mind. I’m not saying it’s bad to get advice from others but the answers of what to do must ultimately come from within us and what will make us happy.
I love to hang out with friends but I’m also fine with just staying in and watching a movie by myself. Part of having a great relationship with yourself I think is being able to not need to always be around others and instead being able to enjoy time to yourself. As we get older, have more things to do, and one day a family to take care of, time to ourself will be a luxury. Be able to treat yourself to a night on the town or a chance to do an activity you would never do my yourself. There is some type os serenity that comes from being able to just sit and let your thoughts wander.
To be happy and succesful, we must be comfortable with and confident in who we are a person. This comes from your best relationship being with yourself. Be able to spend time alone, be your best advice giver, and be able to take risks.


Published by Jarryd

I'm Jarryd. When we add a touch of bold to our story, we transform into the person we're meant to be and open doors to opportunities.

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