Where Has Life Taken Me?

This past year of my life is very different from what I expected it to be. If you asked me where I would be in a year, a year ago, I would have said in Boston in the theatre district attending school, and that’s all I would have known. I obviously decided to go to school at Florida State, I continued pursuing my interest in Civitan, worked on my career in public relations, and last but not least, made my love life more open to friends but also rejection.
I can say honestly that I’ve grown so much in the past year and I’m happy in my day-to-day life. Not that I wasn’t a year ago but I’ve learned to just take things as they come, to be more open with others, and know that I can handle anything even if it’s negative. “All of life is about growing to your own personal best.”
Love and simple dating: From my friendships I’ve learned that relationships are kind of the same. They both need communication and understanding. Over the past year I have become that person that if I’m interested in you, I’ll tell you but it wont ruin my world if you don’t share that same interest. Does that mean I lose interest in you? No, it just means that the stars didnt align at this present moment. You may be interested later or never but I took the risk instead of always wondering “what if”. That in itself has a beauty and peace about it. I’ve also learned that people can surprise you. You may like them later even though at first it didn’t seem like you would. Whether it be in dating or friendship, I have truly come to love getting to know others and just telling my thoughts and feelings. “It’s the moments before you really know some that are most exciting”, but you can never really know someone enough. Also, “If we knew each other’s secrets, what comfort we would find.” I like others to feel comfortable to randomly talk with me and get to know me and me them.
Friendship: People aren’t perfect. My FPRA mentor and friend, Natalie, and I were talking today and you can be very different from someone but still be great friends with them.

Natalie & Me

You have to appreciate that person for who they are and what they can bring to your life especially the lessons you may learn through them. At times we can be highly sensitive to what we think are the faults of friends when that is what makes them who they are. Friends won’t always meet the expectations that you have for them but if they meet your underlying necessities such as trust, then it’s okay. However, sometimes people are only meant to be in our life for a certain amount of time and we have to say goodbye until who knows when. Every friendship is different and can teach us a bit more. I will admit that I struggle with not wanting to lose friends or growing a part from them. I have learned that sometimes we won’t talk with a friend as much as you want but we still care about the other the same. I love my friendships where I can go what seems like forever without talking to a friend but when we do talk, it’s like we are picking up where we left off.

This year's and next year's FPRA exec board

 FPRA, Civitan & what’s next this summer: FPRA has been such an amazing experience that truly helped shaped my year. Some of my closest friendships I’ve made at college are from this group. I learned so much about the field of public relations, made connections, I never would have, and next year will be serving in a position that I didn’t expect to when college started. I’m excited to follow in Natalie’s footsteps as Professional Liaison and  serve on the executive board of this group I care about a lot.  Campus Civitan began as my continuance of Junior Civitan from high school but I couldn’t have imagined how different it would be and how much more I would learn from being a club builder in college. I truly have learned the importance of teamwork and I’m excited to see our achievements we when we truly dive into things. Both will be challenging but so rewarding and these are experiences I wouldn’t have received anywhere else. Along with experiences I received as a FPRA member, I received the opportunity to apply for a position with the Zimmerman Agency in their PR Department. In the end they offered me a position for the beginning of the summer with a chance of it turning into something more in the fall time. THIS SUMMER, I am very excited to work in the PR world but also experience this new level of independence as I work and live in an apartment here in Tallahassee for May and June. I think it will be a growing experience  and I can’t wait to see what I end up doing and who I end up getting to know (or know more). July and August I get to return to Pensacola and teach at Pensacola State College again to 8-12 year olds but also hang out with the people who have known me the longest. There is truly is no place like home. Though I’m happy to experience two different worlds this summer.
Life never quite ends up how you expect it to. One decision can alter your life forever. I am so thankful for the experiences I have been able to have thus far because they make me stronger and happier. I have much to look forward to and I can’t wait to see what I will learn, feel, and think over the next few months.


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