I don’t reblog often, but I think this a good one to make people thing about being open to the unexpected in dating.

College Life- Sex and Relationships

Dating a gay, lesbian or bisexual person comes with the same mistakes that can be made in any dating configuration you can imagine.  However, here are a few unique issues I’ve heard in my office that you should be aware of.  Of course, I’m not speaking for the whole LGBT community, but you may have come across a few of these if you are out there dating.

First, I know a lot of ignorant straight people have assumptions about dating in the LGBT community.  However, I’ve been told that there is also stereotyping within the LGBT community.  If you are out there dating, try to throw those preconceived roles out the door.  I’ve talked to students who feel limited to certain roles because of the way they dress or act.  Just because a student identifies as a butch and their date identifies as a femme or lipstick in no way…

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