I rush out the door. I need to get out of here. It’s been too much public relations lately. Class. Work. Helping friends. FPRA.

There is still a few hours until sunset, but it’s slightly dark outside. I feel the wind encompassing me.

I should go home soon. I need to go home soon. Not home here but home home. It’s time to see family and old friends. Time to get out of this atmosphere. I don’t know when that will be though. With friend(s) visiting soon though, it’ll feel somewhat like home. They know me.

20. I’m older now. Am I different now? Not only was this week my birthday, it’s also the week I’ve made real that I won’t be going into any next school year with leadership positions in my student groups.I’ve loved the last six years, but maybe, I have been too involved or not appropriately involved. I invest all of myself into everything I do. It’s my strength, but also my downfall.

I need to reach my next level in this next year. I need more me time next school year. I need more fun time. It’s time to back out of the top leadership roles in my student groups. But with work I feel the opposite. I want to excel. I want to WOW. In the end, I’m dispensable.

This last year and especially these last few weeks have been a whirlwind. While I’ll miss the school year, I love the change of summer. But not the heat. I love the one daily focus. The select people. The new room. A new breeze.

I feel the wind and rain surrounding me. I let myself melt a little. You’re in control. You’re in control. This is your life and you’re in control. Now let’s smile, because the sun is about to shine.

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