23 in the Headlights

When we’re younger our minds start to protect us before we know how to. I mentally guarded myself from the world, even family. I needed these invisible bars around me. The world seemed scary and harsh; family felt trite; friendship felt fleeting; love difficult. Without knowing it, I needed the ability to define the world aroundContinue reading “23 in the Headlights”

Booty Call – Part One

I sat in my bed enjoying the feeling of Friday, freedom from the semester and soon close of 2012. It was after 10 p.m. when my phone vibrated and I saw his name. I thought maybe he pocket dialed me. He asked what I was doing, and I replied with the customary nothing. He askedContinue reading “Booty Call – Part One”

Crushes Past Part Two – Stood Up, Hook Up and Vulnerable

Part Two picks up from my post on freshman year crushes. You can read it here: Crushes Past Part One ———- Sophomore year began feeling like being so close to the peak of this college mountain. I didn’t expect all the old faces turning into crushes. I really expected it to be a year withContinue reading “Crushes Past Part Two – Stood Up, Hook Up and Vulnerable”


I rush out the door. I need to get out of here. It’s been too much public relations lately. Class. Work. Helping friends. FPRA. There is still a few hours until sunset, but it’s slightly dark outside. I feel the wind encompassing me. I should go home soon. I need to go home soon. NotContinue reading “Whirlwind”

Goodbye Teens!

Let’s get ready to kiss those enlightening teenage years where I made naive mistakes goodbye but embrace them in my arms for all the great experiences. We had fun didn’t we! There were some fun nights but also tears. Maybe too many. . . There was love, and there were fights. We gained friends and lost aContinue reading “Goodbye Teens!”