A Look Back: Find Comfort & Confidence

Here is “A Look Back” at my past week through my weekly photo journal post! Find comfort and confidence in your life!

 We have a winner! Sometimes we just need to be in touch with our inner child through go-karts, laser tag and arcade games!

Week after week I’ve burnt the pancakes I made! I’m finally learning the right temperature and opportune time to flip them. Freaked out!

Invited to catch up and stroll around Lake Ella for first time with my friend Michelle, I wore a tank out for the first time. I was self-conscious at first but change can look and feel really good!

 My friend Julia saw me talking to a radio station promotional director on the phone at work and decided to capture the moment. Building relationships in the PR world!

After many months away from my hometown of Pensacola, I started packing my bag for my long weekend back. Old friends, loving family and endless fun await!

New posts to come next week!

PS- It’s the one-year anniversary of Oprah’s last show!


I hope you enjoyed this post! Feel free to comment, follow/tweet me on Twitter @JarrydK, or ask me questions anonymously at http://formspring.com/jarrydboyd.



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