Go Home

Go home. No, not to the space you enter every day after work or class and entertain friends at. Go to your hometown. Go back to the place you grew up, but better yet, stay away for a while and then go back. This is your chance to reflect, to ponder, to wonder.

Look at the people whose lives you were born into and them into yours. Love them for loving you no matter what. Maybe forgive any family members that have hurt you, but keep them at bay. You’ve forgiven them, but you’re not naive. Look at those younger than you and wonder how did we become this old. . .

Catch up with high school friends. Tell them all about the past few months. This coworker is hilarious and fun, but that one sometimes gets on your nerves. You had this disgusting roommate that only took out his trash maybe once a month but now you live with one who shares the chores and you love talking to. There is a love interest. Not important for now though. Remember that friend I told you about from last year? Well they are still amazing. However, you ended up not being able to get along with what’s his face. Now hear about all your friend’s drama and old high school classmates. They’re still dating?! Well of course we knew those two would break-up. You ran into our old English teacher? I love that woman! Ugh, why did we decide to meet here. Guess who just walked in! Let’s try to avoid saying hi. . .

Go about town. Visit places you use to go all the time and check out new ones. Wow, this city is changing. Run into people you’re genuinely happy to see. Take a couple of minutes to catch up on the street. It’s great to see they’re still the same, yet better. Tell them bye but decide y’all are going to make more of an effort to keep in touch. . . maybe.

Sit at home bored. Ponder how you don’t have anything to do. You’re only home for so many days; how did this happen? Feel grateful to be bored for a little while. It truly feels like home.

Be amazed. You’ve matured so much. You’re your own person. You appreciate certain physical features, you lost some insecurities and now you’re a bit smarter about how life works. While you love being home, you love being out there taking on the world and blazing a new trail.

Go home. Back to the space you’ve made your own. The one you have to clean and are responsible for. You’re creating new memories with new friends. You tell these people about the ones you grew up with, especially the ones you still keep in touch with from high school. Then when you have time to yourself, wonder what is going on back in your hometown.


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