Be a Survivor, Not a Victim

Don’t be a victim. Be a survivor. A survivor has strength, determination, hope. A victim is defeated. A survivor overcomes. We are masters of our fate. We deserve to be happy so we don’t accept treatment we don’t deserve.

These are our lives. We must do what we want with them. We can’t be shackled to the chains of our past or even the present. Let’s be honest. Let’s be blunt. You can do better than that person. They don’t appreciate you enough. We deserve to be appreciated amazingly. Stop pitying yourself. Get angry! Know you deserve the best and you won’t deal with anymore disrespect. Yell it to them! Well in your mind yell it to them. Be physically posed and verbally eloquent. This is your chance to show you’re tired and reached your breaking point. A new chapter is about to be started.

Question if you went about finally standing your ground correctly. Then erase that thought. You did well. Wonder how the person is taking the new you. They’re probably confused. Maybe slightly hurt. It can’t be helped. They’re the perpetrator. You being fine is all that matters You survived. You didn’t cower in the corner to their power over you.

Regress. Miss them. Maybe you overreacted. Accept them back into your life with more influence than you previously decided. This is going well. Until it isn’t. Be reminded you’re playing the victim again. The best thing about playing the victim is remembering you aren’t really a victim. You are a survivor.

You’re back in control. They’ve lost most to all their power. You however feel like a gladiator. Confident, strong and ready to take on the world.

You are a survivor. You are the master of your fate and not any one else.


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