All About the Possibilities

New Years Party 20102012 is coming to a close and New Year’s Eve is quickly approaching! I plan on spending NYE with some of the best friends I could ask for, but I also can’t help wonder about the dating I’ve experienced this fall.

As I looked on Facebook and Instagram this Christmas and saw the gifts (expensive gifts) friends received from significant others, I couldn’t help but immediately think, “Thank God that’s not me.” It’s a selfish thought, but the money I lack as a college 20-something makes me greatly appreciate single town.

However, the constant hope of the dating world makes me contemplate these guys I had interests in and crushes on. Closure isn’t arriving like a box with shining wrapping paper and a bow.

After a couple of unnecessary arguments with one guy, I’ve deleted or hidden him from all social media channels and deleted his number with my phone. Idle time leaves me vulnerable to contact him otherwise. Another fella when I interact with him, I hope for the timing to be right. I look for a signal to be there. In that moment though I have to remind myself living life in this manner isn’t beneficial towards the future.

I can only live in the moment – what I know at that time about the situation and move forward into the future. Only worrying about the present leaves me open to the possibilities of the future. After all, the New Year is all about the possibilities.

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Note from the writer:

2013 will involve some big changes to this blog and my life. While staying true to the initial vision for this blog, you will definitely see more diversity in posts. Stay tuned for an announcement with the New Year!


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