Reoccurring Characters

I turned around, and there he was. I pushed a, “Hey,” out of my mouth. She Facebook messaged me to call her, and I couldn’t remember the last time we talked. I stood in the host’s kitchen and coming down the stairs I saw him – a blast from the past. Like a book seriesContinue reading “Reoccurring Characters”

Remaining Untainted

Friends’ relationships most of the time feel like our relationships. “You met someone! Let me see ‘em on Facebook!” “Did you text him first or did he text you?” “What happened when you saw her out?” “AHH have you really been together this long!” We want our friends to be in happy, healthy, and funContinue reading “Remaining Untainted”

All About the Possibilities

2012 is coming to a close and New Year’s Eve is quickly approaching! I plan on spending NYE with some of the best friends I could ask for, but I also can’t help wonder about the dating I’ve experienced this fall. As I looked on Facebook and Instagram this Christmas and saw the gifts (expensiveContinue reading “All About the Possibilities”