Reoccurring Characters

I turned around, and there he was. I pushed a, “Hey,” out of my mouth. She Facebook messaged me to call her, and I couldn’t remember the last time we talked. I stood in the host’s kitchen and coming down the stairs I saw him – a blast from the past.

Like a book series or tv show, people come and go from our lives. I always felt people are there or they aren’t. However, this past weekend this three people made me realize people aren’t just one-time appearances or supporting roles in our lives. Sometimes they’re reoccurring characters. You never know how long they’re back for.New York City Breakfast

At first I wanted to just survive the moment. I wanted to be cordial, but I didn’t want to let the moment take control of me. Later he
reached out to me, and I hoped he was back as a supporting – possibly leading role. But many factors for that happen were out of my control. I could only embrace him for one appearance at a time, not offer him the show.

She and I updated each other on the major details of our lives. To my surprise, she hadn’t known I came out as gay. She mentioned visiting me. Even though distance had grown between us, walls fall down between old friends. I could tell we both came into ourselves.

As I saw him descend the stairs, I laughed to a friend at the current joke life was pulling on me. Who else could pop us this weekend? He spoke to me with his alluring charm, but my skepticism remained strong.

Reoccurring characters remind you of where your storyline was, and how far it has come. You hoped and pleaded for peace and closure, and it didn’t arrive. The reoccurring character reappears and you expect the drama in the story to spike, but they bring closure when you least expect it.  You simply had to grow, develop and experience first.

The reoccurring characters can pat you on the back and dust you off for the next story to begin.


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