The Caterpillar

Spring 2013 First WeekWelcome to spring semester and the new year. It’s time to look around those classrooms for cuties; elevate our careers to the next level; meet teachers; and catch up with old friends.

I’m not the best at balancing all friends throughout the semester, but I’ve made the effort in the few days before classes to catch up with many people. People who’ve been there for me or I really enjoy spending time with.

I’ve cast off the thoughts of failed dating opportunities and contemplated what the new semester holds for me.

Contemplation is no good though without action. There is a difference between knowing lessons and learning lessons.

What I’m working on this semester is affirming the things I’m contemplating. (I almost said what I’m trying to better at.) With dating I’m bold and willing to lay out how I feel but with other opportunities I’m always nervous  about failing or not being happy if I try something different. I act unsure when I deep down know what is right. Fear and contentment stop me.

I’ve made steps over the break to initiate me learning: I only put up with what and whom I want to in life.

This past weekend I went through a box I have and came across a magnet my friend Danielle sent me freshman year. It says, “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.”

That’s what I needed to see and remember as I embark on a new year and new semester.

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Note from the writer:

2013 will involve some big changes to this blog and my life. While staying true to the initial vision for this blog, you will definitely see more diversity in posts. Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement!


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