Back to the Scene

2013-05-18_13-45-03_619As I return back from my hometown I realize that like a great movie or novel, we have to return to the scene where everything happened to mend broken fences and open the path for new stories. Our hometown is where our heart and soul begins. It’s where the soul goes back to develop and grow.

With my younger sister’s marriage serving as also a mini reunion for my dad’s side of my family, the familiarity of family love embraced me. Celebrating my friend’s 21st birthday made me nostalgic for the high school days.  As said in The Office series finale, “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.” While certain parts of the past feel like the good old days, I feel now is good in a healthier and more aware way.

My family talks more openly about sexuality and dating. My friends and I continue to strengthen the bond that is hard to sustain throughout college. My mind realizes I miss this place more than I’m aware each day.

In your hometown relationships were left wounded, but it does seem time can heal certain wounds.

In your hometown there are loved ones who don’t understand your journey away to new lands, because they want you back with them. However, they also push you to reach your full potential. They dream of something bigger than you can envision for yourself.

It’s good to return to where it all began. In our hometown we fill in the missing pieces and answer the questions we didn’t know we had.


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One thought on “Back to the Scene

  1. Love the subject matter. I always am overcome with an overwhelming sense of nostalgia and a bittersweet heartache of sorts whenever I revisit my home town. Lovely post, Jarryd!

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