What Is a Connection?

I walked to my scooter and contemplated – when feels like the right moment to go after someone romantically. I saw these two guys exchange numbers towards the end of our Pride Student Union open house after talking back and forth throughout the event. I thought about my crush. or as I like to say, “The guy I like to look at sometimes,” and wondered: What is a connection?

320767_10151585379910020_1161683895_nWhat is a connection with someone? As I peered at my scooter I realized my definition of a connection. Do your eyes light up when you see them? Does your soul smile? But furthermore I thought, Do you see their eyes light up when they see you? That is when you know things are reciprocated.

This connection I speak of doesn’t have to be romantic, but it can be professional and platonic. Think about your best friends. These are the people you can feel your heart warm when they surprisingly show up or even appear for a scheduled get together. Your best memories are the ones that make you smile at the sheer first thought. People should make your eyes light up when you seem them and your soul smile, which transcends to your face.

I go back to contemplating the guy I like to look at sometimes and conclude, my eyes perk at the site of him. But I’m searching for my eyes to light up when I see him. I’m searching for his eyes to light up when he sees me, because I want to be a part of two souls smiling together.


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