Bold Touches: Brunch

Sunday brunch is one of my favorite activities to catch up with friends over, especially as a twenty-something. One of my friends interned in NYC this summer, so we decided to catch up over brunch at her home with her roommate. I wanted to soak in all things big city from her, even though my summer was still great in its own respect.

IMG_20130825_115746I ran out of time to cook something, and they only wanted me to bring dessert, so I decided to bring cinnamon rolls. The baked goods enthusiast in me felt horrible popping these cinnamon rolls out of the can into their oven, with no real effort. However, inspiration struck beforehand, and I knew how to add pizzazz.

Natural fruit flavor can real add a bold touch when cooking and baking. I took the icing that came in the can, spooned it into a bowl and pulled out an orange from home. While my friend Laura finished cooking up the main meal, I zested the orange and squeezed juice into the icing.

I added more freshly squeezed juice into the mix until we liked the flavor and consistency. This quick process took this store-bought item and made it into a brunch worthy delight.

Semi-homemade is sometimes all you need for a bold touch to your eating experience. Compliments to the chef and enjoy!


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