Bold Touches: Clothes Back to Life

Last year I stained a cream pair of Gap 1969 skinny jeans I loved. No matter how much I washed them, the black marks on them would not come out at the bottom. However, I didn’t want to get rid of the paints either.

998774_10201226177750376_204829439_nEarlier in the summer, it finally dawned on me – dye them!  I talked with a couple of friends who dyed clothes before, and they raved about how easy it is.

One day I was in Joann Fabrics when I came across the clothes’ dye area full of different RIT colors with instructions. I chose purple since the stains would be hidden.

My friend Michelle and I finally came together to dye a few items. All it took was boiling some water, mixing it with laundry detergent and salt and then pouring it in a tub of warm water with our clothes submersed in the water beforehand.

Upcycle or add new life to your items! Why do we have to get rid of some of our favorite items or overlook an item because of the color? RIT even carries color remover/lightener.

Needless to say I’m attracted to the bold touch dying my clothes adds. I may remove the color on some of my dress shirts and make them new! We have to change with the times.


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