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I remember a few years ago I was in California and while wandering Palm Springs I went into this random shop. This guy told me my master astrology reading. He said in 2013 or 2014 I would meet the love of my life and in 2017 I would start my own business. I don’t know if any of this true, but as I get older I realize how much all goals and relationships matter.

When home for Thanksgiving my mother talked about losing two brothers in the past year and half. How “tomorrow is not guaranteed.” And that harps on my mind daily, especially as I come to the crossroad that is graduation.

Today I sat down with one of my grandmothers and asked her who the great love of her life is, what is she most proud of, how was my mom when she was younger, and about family members who died when I was younger or before I was born.

While I won’t tell her answers to these questions, what I walked away with is a desire to explore, to feel an everlasting love and to make people look back and smile on the way I moved through life. I think I have a fear of not making the difference I feel I’m capable of in life and of not experiencing a love I know humankind lives for. These are my reasons to be a touch of bold.

Yesterday  I watched Barbara Walter interview Hillary Clinton for being the most fascinating person of this year and the last 20 years. Hillary speaks towards the last couple of minutes about how she was once told, “At the end of your life it’s all about your relationships. I’ve loved and I’ve been loved and all the rest is background music.”

Let’s live for more than the background music. Let’s live for the love of those around us – past, present and future.


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