Background Music

I remember a few years ago I was in California and while wandering Palm Springs I went into this random shop. This guy told me my master astrology reading. He said in 2013 or 2014 I would meet the love of my life and in 2017 I would start my own business. I don’t knowContinue reading “Background Music”

Tears Stream

My grandmother cried as I stood in front of her. My mom smiled with happiness that I was there. I surprised them both by coming home for my uncle’s memorial and funeral. It wasn’t a financial luxury I had but I knew it would make all the difference for them. Friday brought familiar faces backContinue reading “Tears Stream”

A Look Back: Naturally Made

Here is “A Look Back” at my past week through my weekly photo journal post. Embrace who you and enjoy what’s natural in this world! Namaste! Last weekend I went home to visit my family and catch up with friends. I hung out with grandmothers. A love living down the street from a Farmer’s MarketContinue reading “A Look Back: Naturally Made”

I Gave Up My Power

I sat in the office of my old supervisor working on a project she needed help with Tuesday. As we sat there, she suddenly asked, “Are you okay? You don’t seem like your happy self today?” I said, “Yeah, it’s just early in the day!” But then as I continued to work, I realized sheContinue reading “I Gave Up My Power”