Confident Vulnerability

I Want To Go PlacesSometimes the doubt and sentiment for the past floods in, and I immediately think about what my morning or work day or weekend would be like if I were back in Tallahassee and not a new city. The nostalgia and desire for what is comfortable overcomes me. Then I stop in the middle of this mini-crisis and immediately think, “Stop it, you’re fine.” And I am until the next moment.

Being a touch of bold is put to the test in a new city. I realized it requires confident vulnerability. Each week I offer myself up to criticism at work from coworkers I don’t have a long-established rapport and attempt reaching shelter on what could or could not be a stormy day. I seek the comfort of friendship, while awkwardly attempting to forge new friendships. I open my heart to new romantic interests, while reaffirming I’m not defined by any previous failed attempts. I hope to become adjusted to this new chapter of my life.

“The nature of life is not permanence but flux. Things are changing.” When I embrace that change with confident vulnerability, I’m learning that I’m fine. I’m better than fine. I’m thriving.


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  1. I’m confident you’ll do well in your new city, Jarryd! Just keep that same drive you had here and you’ll be fine.

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