Sitting at the Table

I told myself a couple of months ago, you just have to do better. This is what 2015 is about for you.

Last week for the first time I felt back in center with one-part of who I am by working on this. Amongst my list of aspirational strides, I knew I simply needed to be out there more. I am a relationship-builder. A person putting himself out there, establishing connections for wherever the positive potential may lead.

However, with being in the working world and putting myself out there, I feel insecurity sometimes rising from deep within. I find myself not at the bottom anymore, but I’m also not too far off the ground. Those around me are older, more established and/or more stable in their connections. While I won’t discredit myself and say I’m trying to hold my own – I am holding my own –  I will forget to be confident in where my journey is.

I have to give myself credit for how far I’ve come. It’s important to neutralize immediately that insecurity. Being strong and fearless is the first step. Recognizing when you’ve created for yourself a place at the table and are sitting at the table is beautifully significant. Don’t back away from it.


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