I Didn’t Want to Go Back to New York

Standing with my friends in Atlanta, I didn’t know what happened to the last six months of my life. It seems like I was just here, but in reality, everything had changed in these past months, which seem like longer. I looked at them contemplating never going back to New York, because my body wasContinue reading “I Didn’t Want to Go Back to New York”

Wake-Up Call Wednesday: Normal Gets You Nowhere

This morning I landed in Chicago with below freezing temperatures embracing me, big name PR agencies filling the city, skyscrapers towering and people surrounding me. It’s easy to immediately feel lost and small, especially when a drive through Michigan Avenue will remind you of all the things you can’t afford. I wonder how did someContinue reading “Wake-Up Call Wednesday: Normal Gets You Nowhere”

For Every Ending There Is A New Beginning!

 2010 has come and gone but even though the year is gone, the impact of that year still remains. We now have the chance to change what we once thought we knew about ourselves, our relationships with others, and our everyday situations into something even better. Also for me, a new year means a new semesterContinue reading “For Every Ending There Is A New Beginning!”