Reflection: He Doesn’t Have a Crush on You

I sat at my computer glancing at other blogger’s posts and when I one on her crush caught my eye. I thought back to my He Has a Crush on You post and a little “Aww” went through my mind.

Six months ago I felt that excitement you feel when you REALLY like someone and they don’t know yet but you feel it’s going to work out! It’s exciting and something to hope for every day! He is going to like you back, even though you haven’t voiced those feelings. All that nervous energy and questioning will seem silly, because he feels the same way.

I felt that way and now I don’t. But what I find funny is I know I will again one day. I’ll feel that same excitement for a guy and all the other crushes won’t seem to have mattered. This guy will feel different. I will feel smarter. My friends will seem smarter, because they saw me experience those feelings. It’s cyclical.

I think about the below guy and do I still see him as cute? Yeah! But that crush took its course.

It all goes back to one of my favorite quotes: “Happiness comes more from loving than being loved; and often when our affection seems wounded, it is only our vanity bleeding. To love, and to be hurt often, and to love again-this is the brave and happy life.”

Boys and girls, keep crushing! Fall down and get back up. The thrill of the chase is fun but it will be even better when someone is chasing after you in return too.


He Has a Crush on You

As time unravels for me to know you more, I come to like what I see on the outside and especially on the inside even more. The validity of this crush is unsubstantiated. Your sexuality is still unproven but I’m sure it works in my favor. Tell me. Just me. That’s all I need.

While I can sometimes crush easily (one person at a time), I am always realistic about a person’s qualities and how it can mesh with mine. We’re different but a good different. Ambition is important to me and I can see it in you. I have the feeling you do but you don’t know what you want to do in life. That’s good though. I can’t  read your thoughts, but I like slight challenges. You reveal things in ample time. But what is this all getting at?

What I would say if I could be completely honest with you? Let me preface this by saying please don’t judge me or these next couple of paragraphs. I’m nervous now, but I do want to be honest. You’re cute. No handsome. Sexy maybe? Well yes you have a subtle sexiness. You know that “I am not trying to be sexy. I’m just myself and that happens to be sexy but I don’t really care. I just look this way.” And you’re smart! Not just the books smart but the I actually read for fun sometimes, when I have the time, smart. And fun. Being fun is attractive. You can actually just hang around or be a ball of fun. Does saying ball of fun make me uncool? Doesn’t matter. You’re not suppose to be judging me now.  But back to my main point. I think all these good qualities in you could combine well with me. You don’t know me that well. It’s my fault, I admit it.

You see I’ve always had to be strong. I’ve needed to be a pillar of goodness. Mentally/emotionally strong, an asset to others, a loyal friend and most importantly my own protector. Being my own protector sometimes means keeping people distant. If we ever get a chance to discuss the first 18 years of my life or if you’ve maybe read a lot of my blog and not just this one, you’ll understand that I’ve been hurt or needed to be strong in ways many people never have to deal with. Everyone sees strong, happy me every day but there is also the complete me. I’m working on integrating these two but for now just know that I am ambitious, fun, a baker, a sunset/rise lover, a mystery novel aficionado, complex, love to travel, I love to try new things and I’m not the clean-cut in bed by 9 p.m. guy some people misconstrue me as. What am I trying to say? I’m not quite sure. I guess just that there is a really intriguing guy (me) to get to know and he (I) wants to know you more. He (I) has (have) a crush on you.

Your honor. I appreciate the court’s leniency in presenting my case. I will now move into closing statements. Simply said, I have a crush on you and if you don’t realize it, I am a catch. While the jury has not come back on your sexuality, I’m 100 percent sure the male persuasion catches your eye. I don’t care if the public knows.Your sexuality is your own to tell or not tell the world about.  Consider going on a date with me though. Or “hang out” if the word date makes you uncomfortable.

You have my number. Let’s see what happens next. . .


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