A Glance Back: 2011

At this time last year I was at a turning point for my life. I was still coming out to friends and had come out to my mom that month. I was looking forward to applying and hopefully being in the FSU public relations program in two months. I would have a new roommate, andContinue reading “A Glance Back: 2011”


College really has helped me grow through learning to forgive others. I confronted many issues from my eighteen years precollege but also came to understand relationships and how to deal with people better. People let us down and upset us. We need to forgive them but forgiving them does not make okay what they did toContinue reading “Forgiveness”

You Know How the Story Goes. . .

I knew I wanted my next post to be on friendship and yesterday, it came to me that I not only wanted to write about friendship but an unsung hero in my book. This weekend I looked at the PRIDE (LGBTQ) Student Union Facebook event for its general body meeting and I flashed back to myContinue reading “You Know How the Story Goes. . .”

Oh the Places We’ll Go

As I sit in my Tallahassee apartment, I look back at the beginning of the school year and how much life changed since then. I learned so much about life and was able to have some great experiences. I remember in August when my mom left in the car to go back to Pensacola andContinue reading “Oh the Places We’ll Go”