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. . .And a Dollar Short

Besides their heart, the best gift someone can give you is their time. I try to avoid being late at all costs because you are making someone wait on you and I never cancel the moment I am suppose to be meeting with someone (that I can remember). One of my top pet peeves is when […]

Around the Bend

As I washed dishes last night, I thought about the 8 am class I was substitute teaching this morning and how tired I would be with less sleep. Then, I thought how I will handle the busy schedule I have this fall? The answer is simple. The same way I handled everything thus far; with […]

Surrender Yourself

I’m always an advocate of being proactive in getting what we want in life whether it be a job, a date, a position, or any other desire. But what happens when you don’t get what you want? This morning I watched part 2 of Oprah’s Master Class and following a school year with some negative outcomes, the answer of what […]

Oprah and Me

“I certainly never could have imagined the yellow brick road of blessings that have led me to this point.” Oprah Winfrey said this statement and it resonates in my heart and mind about my life. My fascination in Oprah is perplexing to some people but to me in so many ways it is simple. In my […]

Sometimes I Struggle

The truth is that sometimes I struggle with remaining a positive person. So much so that Sunday I reached the point of feeling broken and I lost all my positivity. It is hard to be positive and proactive when it seems that it isn’t being rewarded but instead facing obstacles. I get rejected but I stay proactive. I […]