Crushes Past Part Two – Stood Up, Hook Up and Vulnerable

Part Two picks up from my post on freshman year crushes. You can read it here: Crushes Past Part One ———- Sophomore year began feeling like being so close to the peak of this college mountain. I didn’t expect all the old faces turning into crushes. I really expected it to be a year withContinue reading “Crushes Past Part Two – Stood Up, Hook Up and Vulnerable”


Crushes Past Part One – Hugs, Friends and WHAT?

In the last two years, there is nothing like that pause I’ve experienced between asking a guy out and their answer. But what makes that pause horrible is when as soon as the words come out of my mouth or that text has been sent, I can feel the rejection coming like a train emergingContinue reading “Crushes Past Part One – Hugs, Friends and WHAT?”

My Lips Were Shaking

A year ago I was definitely in my end of freshman year mentality. I didn’t see myself as cute. I didn’t understand the public relations world well and I was lost in certain ways. I didn’t even make it to the Live with Kelly semi-finalist level and it hurt. No matter how farfetched something is,Continue reading “My Lips Were Shaking”

Live with Kelly and Jarryd

“This familiar feeling radiates throughout my body but I feel it most in my core.  It’s desire! Forget my summer shows, fixation on the future and fanciful crushes, this sensation matters most. Determination and vision seem to be key in this moment.” My thoughts earlier this week ———————————————————————- Too often we think to ourselves, atContinue reading “Live with Kelly and Jarryd”

Miss Advised;)

Miss Advised is one of my newest summer obsessions. Just when I didn’t know how I was going to fill my weekday show slots with most of my favorites being on vacation, these three ladies come into my life.  I sit watching it while Facebook chatting my friend about her crush problems. I feel reassuredContinue reading “Miss Advised;)”

Save Me

I don’t want to be hurt. I really don’t want to be hurt. I know no one wants to be hurt, but I really don’t want to give a guy the power to hurt me. I don’t want anyone to hurt me. It’s taken me too long to make it to this point and I don’t wantContinue reading “Save Me”

A Look Back: Naturally Made

Here is “A Look Back” at my past week through my weekly photo journal post. Embrace who you and enjoy what’s natural in this world! Namaste! Last weekend I went home to visit my family and catch up with friends. I hung out with grandmothers. A love living down the street from a Farmer’s MarketContinue reading “A Look Back: Naturally Made”

Go Home

Go home. No, not to the space you enter every day after work or class and entertain friends at. Go to your hometown. Go back to the place you grew up, but better yet, stay away for a while and then go back. This is your chance to reflect, to ponder, to wonder. Look atContinue reading “Go Home”

The Summer of Me

I didn’t know what I would discover about myself this school year. I knew it would be different but I didn’t know I would start thinking of myself as cute. I never really thought of myself as truly cute. Every once in a while someone would give me a compliment, but I wouldn’t put much trustContinue reading “The Summer of Me”


I rush out the door. I need to get out of here. It’s been too much public relations lately. Class. Work. Helping friends. FPRA. There is still a few hours until sunset, but it’s slightly dark outside. I feel the wind encompassing me. I should go home soon. I need to go home soon. NotContinue reading “Whirlwind”